I’m a tech industry veteran. Having been a founding team member at 9 startups, 6 with successful exits, I help leaders with clarity, strategy, execution and navigating conflict. I seek true innovation, enjoy delivering great UX and am passionate about inclusion and building socially good products. I create partnerships that result in expanded market share and value creation. I like to get my hands dirty and jump in with both feet. Some call me a hired gun, a handler or simply a virtual member of the leadership team. I travel between San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston and Las Vegas, yet I’m everywhere. I’m also a startup coach, author, speaker and angel investor. Read more


Trantor (acquired)

InterNex (acquired)

LinkExchange (acquired)

iTrack (acquired)

PayPal (acquired)

SuiteSmart/FactorTG (acq.)

PlumChoice (acquired)

Placecast (acquired)

Givelocity (retired)

JobHive (retired)

Boxford Bakehouse


Do you have a startup? Are you driving innovation in a larger organization? Do you need an advisor or mentor for an accelerator/incubator or seed fund? I can help.


startup coaching

From product design to seed funding, team building and product/market fit, I can deliver the experience of 9 startups, 6 with successful exits. I’ll share learnings and help you focus on what you need to be successful.

product design

I’ll offer you insight and feedback on your product or service. What features will drive growth? We’ll focus on simplicity, solving real problems and if you have the right product/market fit.


Starting with a big idea or a startup already in motion, I can help you visualize the market and opportunity for your product. I can help strategize, build focus and navigate the growth and trajectory of your company.

growth hacking

I’m passionate about growth hacking. Having been the marketing or business development lead for several startups, I’m tuned in to using everything at my disposal to help you grow quickly and decisively.


These are some of the projects I’m working on.

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Breaking Glass Forums
Strategy / Growth / Design
Design / Visualization / Modeling



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